It's really all so simple.

"We're making it so complicated, but it's really all so simple. Everyone wants the same thing: the truest expression of their spirit as a human being. " - Oprah Winfrey

When you find yourself wrestling with something, yearning for a different path, consider what you are being called to do. It could be that your patterns aren't serving you anymore and it's time for a little change. You might be longing for adventure and poof, a dreamy trip pops up just like you imagined. Or a new opportunity for a career change falls into your lap. When doors open, or close, they need space, time and quiet for reflection and consideration.

A simple, but powerful exercise you can do to help draw out what's going well (or not so great) in your current life is this. Simply print this out and place a dot on the periphery of the circle for the areas that are going well for you, or closer to the center if not. Then connect the dots to see where there's alignment or areas of opportunity. Often times we look to external things outside of ourselves for joy, and while of course some things, like a new house might give us an awesome temporary lift, the newness wears off and doesn't always last. When the pieces of this circle fall into place, you have balance, joy, community, friends, and relationships that feed you. They help anchor us in what's important. And when those questions come up and callings for something different arise, listen - that's all. Once you know what is important to you, they become much easier to answer.