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A partner in lifestyle change, I am passionate about helping busy people get to the root cause of common issues like poor sleep, sluggish energy and on a better path to feeling more than just good. Everyone deserves to feel awesome.  Find out how you can too.



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"I am so grateful for the time I was able to spend one-on-one with Erika. While I might have heard 'health information" before, walking through how it applies to me, and my lifestyle was a game changer. Her knowledge and process were are great fit for me and my goals of cleaning up my diet, establishing regular and do-able eating habits, and valuing my body and my being-ness as a whole. I appreciated that our conversations were about all of, exercise, spiritual health, mental health and self care. Erika provided me samples, resources and ongoing encouragement, all which added to the process and experience of creating some shifts in my life. Because of my work with Erika, and the timing of it all, I have eliminated soda from my diet, as well as artificial creamers...both which were a daily staple. I also have some really great 'go to' food options and strategies, that take little prep and ensure that even in the craziest of times, I can be proactive about taking care of myself. I am grateful for my time with Erika and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn or implement better habits for health." - Jodi Drysdale, CES Wedding & Events