Universal truths

Have you ever experienced a time when you had a pivotal decision to make and all you wanted to do was avoid it? Seems counter-intuitive, counter-productive - a coping mechanism that is anything but.

The more I retreat, or try to go away from what I'm supposed to learn, the more it tends to hit me over the head. On the other hand, if I can just stop for a second and pay attention, the signs are all there. Call it what you want - the universe, god, karma, it's all there to teach. 

Here are a few truths I live by:

1. Maybe equals no. If something isn't a YAHOO!!!, excitement filled, can't wait to do it, then it feels vanilla and it's usually just not the right fit.
2. Your mind is a reflection of what you are putting into your body. If it's not clear, sharp and focused, it's a friendly reminder to switch things up.
3. When things flow, it usually means you're on the right path. 
4. Practice being thankful when handed a tough situation and ask what's there to learn, instead of asking why this 'is happening'.
5. Sometimes clarity comes when you least expect it, by going down a familiar path and remembering why you walked away in the first place. I don't think you need examples here...it's why you threw the brownies in the trash in the first place, right? Right.
6. Momentum is key. 
7. Work out in the morning - fill up your cup first, plain and simple.
8. If all else fails, look for inspiration on the internet. Stumbling on this blog just made my day. https://www.facebook.com/thugkitchen